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Favorite Links

These really are my favorites. Some amazing material.

John of God - Joăo de Deus, The Miracle Man of Brazil
My wife and I traveled here and spent three weeks visiting the Casa de Dom Inacio, the home of John of God. This is a life changing journey. If it comes into your path, you must go to find the new you.

Guides For John of God - Amy and Markus Koch are amazing guides to John of God in Abadiania, Brazil. Can't say enough about their love, caring and knowledge. They also provide various therapeutic techniques in Chelsea, Michigan (a short drive west of Ann Arbor). Ergo, the next favorite link...

Holistic Physical Therapy and Energy Medicine
Amy Koch - Amy Lynn Koch is a natural leader with a deep devotion to the inner journey. Of the healing journey Amy says, “Tending ourselves and our hearts is the most responsible action we can now take for others and the planet”. As a professional energy medicine practitioner, sound healer, and physical therapist, Amy works with the art and science of meditation, sound, and energy to facilitate healing that is filled with love, assisting people on the path to awaken inner truth; guiding individuals and groups in tapping into their own source of wisdom and master within.

Markus Koch -  Markus Koch is a former professional football player who spent six seasons in the NFL with the Washington Redskins. He became interested in healing through his own experience with Testicular cancer, severe nerve pain, and debilitating depression. Markus' healing journey with John of God has made a profound difference in his life. He is a licensed massage therapist, practicing Craniosacral Therapy and is also an advanced acupressure therapist, carpenter, and a multi-media artist.

Tony Robbins® Official Site - Your Breakthrough Awaits‎
Tony is, well, Tony. I attended several of his trainings during 1991, including his Neuro Associative Conditioning Certification program. If you need to get up off the couch and start taking charge of your life, Tony is the one that can get you to do it.

Landmark Worldwide - personal and professional growth, training and development
Landmark's "Curriculum for Living" (consisting of three programs; The Landmark Forum, The Advanced Course, and The Self-Expression and Leadership Course)...
will change your life.



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